Getting the car of your choice all you have to do is specify a few basic details about your upcoming trip, like where your journey begins, where you plan to end up and the dates that you need a car rental for. After that, it’s mainly a matter of selecting the vehicle that best suits your travel needs and budget.

We also have cars with camping gear; some of our cars have rooftop tents no need to pitch a tent down, you sleep up on your car. Besides that  the pitching tents are also around. When going on a camping trip, we shall offer you  the rooftop tent/ pitching/ground tent, cooking utensils, gas cylinder and burner, chairs, Table, sleeping bags etc.

Going on a camping trip it saves money and it mostly taken by people on tight budget. You will be saving money for the lodges or hotels. When on camping, you will find lodges with camping grounds; such places have where to cook from and the toilets and wash rooms.

We also offer the a cooler box or electric fridge which can keep your food staff okay. On camping trip, you can choose what you prefer to eat and prepare, starting from barbeque to the common types of food.

Do not miss how it feels sleeping on top of your jeep or in your ground tent. Some visitors decide not to cook, they decide to buy food on the accommodation facilities where they have to camp.

Even if you are coming for a short or long rental 4x4rentals Uganda will get you around any time.  Nothing is better than a road trip across this amazing country!

Uganda has a variety of attractions ranging from natural to historic and culture. You will be able to visit most of them without any restrictions. Car hire gives you a freedom to choose where to sleep on each day, adjusting the itinerary when already on safari is very easy with car hire.