Short Rentals Rwanda

Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills a member of East African countries. It is a land locked country but it is among the best country for travel in Africa. The country has recovered greatly from the horrible incidence of the genocide which happened in 1994. The country has developed its infrastructure where most of the roads are paved, the hotels and lodges are built and more so it is among the cleanest country in Africa.

Since Rwanda has reached such a state of development and when you add it on the many tourism wonders that are scattered in many places, the country receive many types of visitors. Many people come to Rwanda for conferences, businesses, safaris, holidays, honey moon and many more. For those who come for conferences and business spare some time for short trips and safaris in Rwanda. Some of them opt to hire cars on short rentals to unleash the beauty of Rwanda.

Visitors on short rentals visit Rwandan attractions like visiting mountain Gorillas in Volcano National Park, Visiting Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park for chimpanzees Tracking and many more. It can be weekend gateways, short leave from work, Easter weekends, other public holidays, some free days after meetings and conferences and many more.

Type of cars which can be hired for short Rentals.

Small SUV like RAV4. This a 4×4 car which is powerful to travel long distances and different situations. This is suitable for solo travelers, couple, or few friends. The car takes petrol, it’s manual transmission and 5-seater capacity.

Land cruiser Prados. This is also a 4×4 cars suitable on different roads in Rwanda. It can manage rough trails in Akagera National Park. It can also travel to other destinations like volcano, Nyungwe National Park and Giswati. The car takes petrol, automatic transmission and 5-seater capacity.

Safari land cruisers. This type of cars comes with driver. They are 4×4 with enough leg room and large boot for luggage. The car can be 5-seater or 8-seater (land cruiser extended). Safari land cruiser extended takes diesel and its manual transmission. This is capable of travelling to off the beaten track and it is suitable for short trips in Rwanda.

Safari can. This is also a 4×4 car in Rwanda, it can fit for short rentals. It has capacity of 7-to-9-seater. It takes petrol and its manual transmission.

Some of the activities which can be done by visitors on short rentals.

Gorilla tracking. This is done in Volcano National Park. It can be done from 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and more. This is Avery exciting activity to be close to these majestic creatures, they are relatives of humans and visitors have to secure permits to be able to track mountain Gorillas.

Other activities which can be done in this park include, golden monkey tracking, Volcano hiking, birding, Dian fossey grave visit, cultural. Visits and many more.

Chimpanzees Tracking in Nyungwe. These are also endangered species, they are close relatives of humans, residents in Nyungwe national park. Visitors on short rentals spare some time and visit Nyungwe to do chimpanzees Tracking. Visitors have to secure permits to do this activity. Other activities in Nyungwe include, canopy walk, birding, Nature walks and many more.

Game drive. This is done in Akagera National Park the only wildlife park in Rwanda. Visitors on short rentals visit this park and do game drive to see the big five and other animals. Some other activities in the park include, birding, boat cruises, spot fishing and many more.