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Renting a car with driver in Rwanda

When planning for a trip in Africa, Rwanda shouldn’t miss out on the itinerary/ package. Though it’s among the smallest countries in the world but visiting this country will reward you with unforgettable memories. Among the many visitors who visit this country, som e decide to Rent a car…

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Airport transfers are common in Uganda. It can be done by car rental company which carry out transfers, it can be by accommodation facility or a visitor can arrange for his or her own transfer. We offer airport transfers to different destinations of Uganda. Just book with us the…

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Driving eastern side of Uganda

Uganda has many wonders to offer to travellers, the countries is rich in natural attractions like wildlife, mountains, forests, butterflies, birds, water bodies (lakes, Rivers, falls) and many more. When it comes to culture, every region has different unique cultures plus many different languages spoken by Ugandans. Uganda welcomes…

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