Travel budget by Renting a car in Rwanda

Renting a car in Rwanda has become popular. It is one of the ways how visitors minimize their cost of travel. Visitors either rent small SUV like RAV4, land cruisers Prados, safari land cruiser extended, land cruiser super customer, safari vans and many more.

Visitors rent cars and tour many tourism destinations in Rwanda. Some of them include, Volcano National Park, Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park, Genocide memorials, Kigali city tour and many more.

Advantages of Renting a car in Rwanda

It is cost effective to rent a car in Rwanda. A visitor will save on the cost of booking all-inclusive safari which includes paying for driver, and other service fees.

Renting a car gives a visitor freedom of travelling on his or her own. There is privacy, as there is no any new person in the car unless for those visitors who rent cars with driver.

Renting a car gives a visitor freedom of doing camping safari, there is an option of sleeping in rooftop tent or sleeping in ground tents.

Renting a car in Rwanda gives a visitor freedom to drive on his or her own pace, it easier to change their itineraries.

Renting a car gives a visitor chance to search and discover places on his or her own. There interaction between traveling partners as everyone is involved to search about places and roads leading to different areas.

There is bonding in renting a car in Rwanda, visitors do participate in setting up of a tent if it is camping trip.

Renting a car in Rwanda gives a visitor chance to choose the kind of car preferred. Some visitors may want small cars like SUV and other safari van etc.

Destinations which can be visited by visitors on car rental.

Kigali city tour.

This is where visitors on car hire, tour the clean Kigali, many standard buildings are available class hotels and many more. Others things which can be seen in Kigali visiting Gisozi genocide memorials, museums, Nyamata and Ntarama genocide.

Wildlife Park, Akagera National Park

This is among the famous National parks in Rwanda and beyond. After introduction of lions and Rhinos, in Akagera the big five are present and many other animals.

Car hire clients rent cars and do self-driving to the park or others rent with driver. Some of the activities which can be done in Akagera include, Game drives, Boat cruises, birding, community encounters and many more.

Volcano National Park

This is known to be home to mountain Gorillas. The park is located on Virunga conservation area which is on the border of Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mountain Gorillas are endangered and Volcano is one of the few parks where they can be tracked. Visitors on car rentals coordinate with their car rental companies purchase permits and then drive to the parks to get the lifetime experience. Other activities in Volcano include, Volcano hiking, Dian fossey grave visit, community encounters and many more

Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe is a home of primates. It known to be home to another great primate called chimpanzees. Visitors on car hire drive to this park and enjoy the best of the part. In this park, visitors do chimpanzees Tracking, canopy walk, birding, Nature walks and many.