Renting a car with driver in Rwanda

When planning for a trip in Africa, Rwanda shouldn’t miss out on the itinerary/ package. Though it’s among the smallest countries in the world but visiting this country will reward you with unforgettable memories. Among the many visitors who visit this country, som e decide to Rent a car and driver and then seat back to enjoy the journey.

There are many types of cars which are rented. Mostly 4×4 cars. Some are SUV like Rav 4s, land cruisers Prados, safari vans, safari land cruiser extended and many more.

Advantages of Renting A car with a driver.

A car with driver saves a visitor from finding out roads leading to different destinations, there is no hassle of looking at Google maps and travel maps. Driver guides are experienced, they know the roads properly.

A driver will be responsible about the car, even if in case of penalties on the road or accidents on the roads, driver will be answerable

A driver guide will give useful information about the attractions for instance in the game drives or about Rwanda as a country, the driver will provide general information about the country.

In case of change in the itinerary or accommodation, driver guide will help a lot including communicating to the company office or even suggesting other places and accommodations.

In case of camping safari, driver guide will help in setting up the tent or pitching, the driver also will help to find good camping sites.

Driver guide brief visitors about time to be at the starting point of a certain destination for instance in Volcano National Park, visitors have to be early at the starting point to allocate them gorilla groups and other information.

Driver guides knows the driving distances between destinations and also, they know stop overs on the way. In case of lunch en route, they know good restaurants.

Driver guide will advise about good petrol stations and they will determine fuel to be taken depending on the distance and types of activities.

In case a car gets a problem like puncture, the driver guide will solve the problems quickly.

Places to visit with car and driver in Rwanda.

City tour. This includes many places in Kigali like Gisozi genocide memorial, Nyamata and Ntarama genocide memorials, museums, local markets, and many more.

Primate destinations. These includes Volcano National Park known for Gorilla tracking, golden money tracking and Nyungwe National Park known for chimpanzees Tracking

Wildlife Park: The country has one wildlife park called Akagera National. Park. it is known to be home to the big five and other animals.