Reasons why you should Rent a car and Rooftop Tent in Rwanda

Rwanda is among the East African countries neighboring countries like Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and others. When it comes to Tourism, the country is on the map and recognized. She has developed its infrastructure which favors business meetings, conferences and also Tourism.

Among the types of visitors who come to this country, there are those who prefer camping safaris, that way, they rent cars with rooftop tents to enjoy the benefits and also the thrill of sleeping outside in African wilderness counting stars.

Since Rwanda, has developed its infrastructure and its security is fine, visitors find it easy and safe to hire car with rooftop tent. There are different attractions in Rwanda which can be visited, accommodation are available with camping grounds or campsites. These lodges provide

clean wash rooms, camping space and also where to cook from for visitors on camping programmes.

Benefits of Renting a car with Rooftop Tent.

-Car with Rooftop tent reduces on the cost of the trip. Camping sites are cheaper than paying for a room in accommodation facility.

– There is flexibility, if a visitor do not know how to drive in a foreign country, there is an option of renting rooftop car and driver.

– There is privacy by renting a car with rooftop tent. Those on self-drive, will be on their own in the car. No gathering in restaurants on lodges, you eat alone on your serving table while discussing topics of your choice.

– The thrill of sleeping in Rooftop tent car is memorable, imagine spending the night on top of African wilderness is amazing.

– The same way as those on all-inclusive safari, visitors with car and rooftop tent will also do all the activities of their choice. For instance, Gorilla Tracking, Game Drives and many more.

– Renting a car with rooftop Tent increases on the bonding between travelling partners

– Renting a car with rooftop tent encourages team work for instance everyone will participate in setting up the tent, cooking and etc.

What to take note when renting a car with rooftop tent in Rwanda.

– Make sure the car is in good mechanical condition

– Renting a car which is 4×4 is the best option

– Make sure the car has comprehensive insurances and other insurances suitable for the car to be on the road.

– Avoid high speed, always follow speed limit posters on the Road.

– Have valid driving license and passport

– Rent a car with good Tent, check the Tent whether it is in proper condition.

– Rent a car and rooftop tent that will fit the number of people in the group. If you are many, more than one car can be hired.

-Camping equipment are also available too. These includes mattresses, chairs, table, cooking utensils and etc. Though there are those visitors who prefer only the tent and they decide to eat from restaurants of lodges.

– Choose the type of car of your choice examples include land cruiser V8 with rooftop tent car, land cruiser Gx with rooftop tent car, land cruiser Prados with rooftop tent and many more.

The best time to Rent a car with rooftop tent in Rwanda.

The best time to Rent a car with rooftop tent is in dry season months, that is months of June, July, August, September, October January and February. This is when rain is little favoring smooth running of the trip.

– For parks with bad trails like Akagera National Park, dry season months are better for travel.

– In dry season, the weather is good and sightings of attractions are fine with photography.

– Dry season months favors activities like gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, Nature walks, and others as the trails will not be slippery, however sometimes rain is unpredictable in these forests.

Though dry season months is the best, even in rainy season travel is possible. Moreover, it is also noted that sometimes rain is unpredictable, that’s why 4×4 car is recommended.