Camping Trip Around Kibale National Park

Kibale Forest is among the remaining great natural forest in Uganda. It was gazette into a national park to protect many primates which calls the forest Home. Besides, the natural trees, vegetation, monkeys, and many others, the park is famous with the remaining great primate the Chimpanzees.

The National Park is visited by many tourists and among them are the visitors on camping basis. There are many activities to be done in this park and the neighboring attractions like the bigodi wetland and the sebitori forest. Camping visitors may be with pitching tent or with rooftop tent car.

Activities which can be done by visitors on camping trip around Kibale National Park

Chimpanzee Tracking: This activity is done in Kibale National Park. The experience is a life time as these majestic creatures are close relatives of humans. Visitors assemble at the starting point with their permits for verification and briefing before entering the park for the great activity.

Since chimpanzee permits are subject to availability, it is necessary to reserve them in advance. Car rental company can do the Chimpanzee permits booking for visitors on camping trips. Visitors hire cars from and drive themselves to this park to track chimpanzees and other activities.

Chimpanzees are very active, even though the groups are habituated, visitors should be ready to follow them as they keep on doing their daily activities. The activity has two sessions, the morning session and the afternoon session. Car hire visitors are free to choose the session depending on their Itinerary.

The time spent while tracking chimpanzees depend on their movement but after finding them, visitors spend 1 hour of unforgettable memories.

Chimpanzee habituation: Tracking chimpanzees, takes 1 hour after finding the chimps, well as Chimpanzee habituation, visitors spend more hours with the primates. The activity starts very early in the morning than tracking. Visitors learn more about Chimpanzee behaviors, the activity is done with researchers on semi habituated group. Visitors will leave the forest knowing what it takes for the group to be ready for tracking.

Nature walks: nature walks in Kibale can make a visitor appreciate nature, enjoy the vegetation, see other primates like monkeys, Nature walk is done by experienced guide and that close attachment with nature makes camping visitors to fall in love with kibale.

Birding: Kibale is known to be home to many forest birds both residents and migratory. Example birds in kibale forest include African pitta, Crowned eagle, yellow spotted nicator and many more. Visitors can be escorted by birding guides, explaining and identifying different bird species.

Bigodi Wetland walk. The walk is done in bigodi located near Kibale national park. The walk is so rewarding with some small animals, birds, guides will be explaining different attractions as visitors walk through. This is a community-based initiative and supporting the community if one of sustainable measures.

Community Encounter: This can be done in Bigodi, have a community walk, visit, traditional healers, Community people will demonstrate different things, and the visitor can have a local meal.

Visiting the crater lakes: They are many around Kibale and fort portal, they are unique to have a view, their formation and the waters will make a visitor to enjoy the experience

Other activities around Kibale include, visiting Amabere gannyina mwiru, others

Lodges with camping sites around kibale national park

Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve

This is a perfect place to base when it comes to activities around kibale like Chimpanzee tracking. The campsite is very peaceful and relaxing. The accommodation has a restaurant with some traditional Ugandan food.

Lake Nkuruba is a crater lake, and the place has diversity of species like primates, birds. So, a visitor will enjoy many attractions around.

Other lodges with campsites include, Chimpanzee Forest guest house, Horn Bill cave Kibale camp, Eco lodge campsite, Rweteera safari park and tourist camping center, and many others.