Camping in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is strategically located in the western Uganda. It is among the most visited parks in Uganda, by travelers like on Camping safaris and others. The park is full of diversity of attractions, ranging from wildlife, forests, birds, primates, water bodies and many more. Visitors on camping trips find it easy and memorable to package this park due to what it can offer.

Queen Elizabeth National Park has sections, there is kasenyi where game drives are conducted and many animals are seen. Ishasha sector is where tree climbing lions are seen. Visitors continue and visit this section to see this wonder which is rarely found elsewhere. Kyambura gorge, the sector is known for primates and the most famous here are the chimpanzees. Imaramagambo forest which is known to have natural trees, some small animals and different bird species. Another section is Queen Elizabeth is the Kazinga channel area. This channel connects lake Edward and George. It’s one of the biggest Channels in the world.

What to do in Queen Elizabeth by visitors on camping trip

Game Drives: Visitors hire cars and camping equipment and head to Queen Elizabeth National Park. One of the main activities which can be done here is the game drive. Visitors drive in the park discovering animals like Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Antelopes, leopards, Hyenas, and many others.

Boat cruises: They are conducted on kazinga channel where many animals are seen along the channel coming to take water or to relax near the waters. Other aquatic animals are seen like crocodiles, and others. Besides, animals, many birds are also seen around Kazinga channel area.

Chimpanzee tracking in kyambura. Visitors on camping trip have a chance to see chimpanzees in kyambura gorge, permits can be reserved by a car hire company on behalf of the visitors. Chimpanzees can be tracked in the morning or in the afternoon. Many other attractions can be seen here like the gorge itself and many others.

Visiting tree climbing lions: They are found in Ishasha sector, they are rarely seen elsewhere. Lions climb trees probably to see clearly the prey, to run away from insects and ticks and etc. Game drives are conducted in sector to witness the wonder.

Community Encounters: There are local people around the park, interacting with them make visitors to learn more about their culture and their way of life. This is one of the measures of sustainable tourism.

Birding: Queen Elizabeth cannot be left out when it comes to birding trips in Uganda. The park is home to many beautiful birds both residents and migratory birds. Some can be seen around the kazinga channel and others in the park while on game drives. Some of example bird species in Queen Elizabeth national park include papyrus gonolek, western banded snake eagle, Great blue turaco and many others.

Visiting the Katwe Salt Lake. Visitors on camping also have a chance to see how salt is extracted locally from Lake Katwe. It is magical to see this happening in this great park. Local people are around the area trying to get salt from the lake.

Lion Experience: This activity can also be done in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This is where visitors get a chance to go with researchers to look for lions, they are tracked by radio collars. You will learn more about lions and the researchers will be explaining about these creatures. Visitors are free to ask questions.

Accommodation with campsite in Queen Elizabeth national park

Engiri Game lodge and Campsite

This is located in Queen Elizabeth national park. The game lodge has a campsite and visitors with their private camping gears are allowed to camp. Those with cars with rooftop tents, those with pitching tents are all welcome to this lodge

Mweya campsite. This is also located around Mweya, the campsite welcomes visitors with their private camping equipment. It can be either with rooftop tent or with pitching ground.

Irungu Forest safari lodge and campsite

Get your camping equipment and camp at Irungu Forest safari lodge. The campsite has facilities and the security here is paramount. Explore Queen Elizabeth and sleep in stars which is totally a different feeling with sleeping inside rooms.

Other accommodations with campsite include, kasenyi safari camp, Ishasha Ntungwe River Camp and many more.