Is it safe to rent a car in Uganda.

It is safer to rent a car in Uganda; there is no need to get worried of anything.  Whether in big cities or national parks, Uganda is very safe with car rental.

What type of cars suitable to hire in Uganda

We have many vehicles ranging from small SUV cars to big cars. Most of our cars are 4×4 which are suitable to go in national parks and the small suv which are suitable for town running and going to nearby destinations.

What documents do I need to hire a car in Uganda.

You should bring your passport, driver’s license international or local driving license can work

Do I need an international driver’s license?

Each person who wishes to rent a car in Uganda needs to bring her own valid original driver license from her /his country of residence. Local driving license from your country can work but if you have international driving you come a long with it.

Is it okay to have two drivers

It is okay to drive two but each one has to provide the original passport and driving license.

Is possible to extent the period of the rental

Yes it is possible to extend the period of the rental; you have to notify the agency by call or by email.