Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda which is geographically located in the heart of Rwanda. Kigali has rapidly grown into a modern city in the last decade and it has not only become Rwanda’s most important business center but also the main port of entry into Rwanda.  It’s because Kigali International Airport is also located in Kigali city.  It’s one of the cleanest and safest cities in Africa which was started in 1907.  Kigali is a relatively new city. It was founded as an administrative outpost in 1907, and became the capital of the country at independence in 1962, shifting focus away from Huye.

Kigali is developing rapidly, with new shopping malls, office buildings and, of course, the convention centre which lights up the night sky atop of one of the many hills.

Kigali city is blessed with a moderate high-altitude climate that belies its tropical location, and is basically located within three hours’ drive of the main tourist sites. The Rwandan capital provides both a comfortable and welcoming introduction to this land of a thousand hills and an ideal springboard from which to explore this magical country.

Kigali city is made up pf Gasabo district, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge district. Kigali city is inhabited by approximately 1.2 million people and it’s 70% rural with a population which is relatively young people which make up about 60% and women make slightly more the 50%.

Kigali city won the United Nations Habitat scroll of Honor Award in 2018 for its many innovations in building a model for prohibiting plastics materials and substantial reduction in crime.

The Habitat Scroll of Honor is the most prestigious award given by the United Nations in recognition of work carried out in the field of human settlements development. The aim of the award is to honor individuals and institutions that have been instrumental in improving the living conditions in urban centers around the world.

Among the exhibits of 1994 Genocide is Gisozi Genocide Memorial Museum which accommodates the remains of thousands of Rwanda citizens who perished during the Genocide Movements. Visit the museum, honour and pray for their sprits to rest in eternal peace. The three permanent exhibitions and burial places form part of a meaningful tribute to those who perished, and provide a powerful educational tool for visitors. Today, the government of Rwanda Vows that no incident of that kind will happen again.

Other important tourist attraction you shouldn’t miss in Rwanda is the old parliamentary building which is dotted with the bullet holes left after the 1994 Genocide movement. The night clubs and bars will also add flavor to your Rwanda safari. Other attractions in Kigali include art and craft shops, fruit markets, business Malls among others.

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