Uganda has Variety to offer on a car hire safari starting from National parks to Different cultures in regions. The country has over 10 National parks and these include Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Kibale National park, Mgahinga National park, Lake Mburo National park, Murchison falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Mt Rwenzori National park, Mt Elgon National park, Semliki National park and Kidepo Valley National park.

Among activities to do in the national parks while on self-drive trip, include primate tracking like gorillas and chimpanzees, game drives to view other wild like elephants, nature walks, birding, Mountaineering, and etc.

Drive your rented car and explore, water bodies like Lake Victoria, lake Edward and George, Lake Albert, and many more, the country has rivers like sipi river, river Nile, River semliki, and etc. Activities to do on these water bodies include, boat rides, nature walks to enjoy the different water falls, swimming, Bungee Jumping, white water rafting and etc.

When driving your car, you can visit many places including remote ones. With your 4×4 car, visit Forests of Uganda like Mabira forest, Imaramagambo forest, Kibale forest, Budongo and etc. In these forests, you can do nature walk, tracking primates like chimpanzees, Butterfly viewing, caves, birding and etc.

Explore Different Mountains of Uganda and reach the highest peaks. We have the Mountain Rwenzori, Mountain Elgon, Volcanic Mountains like Muhabura, Sabyinyo and Gahinga. Activities here are Hiking, Culture like for Batwa in Mgahinga National park, Golden monkey Tracking and etc.

On your car hire trip, enjoy different cultures of Uganda like in the Northern Uganda, the Karamajong, (Iki unique culture), the Bagushu (Mbalu), the Baganda and their kingdom, the Tooro culture and their kingdom, Bafumbira and many more.

We have also the city tour plus the local food of Uganda. On the city tour, visit the Uganda Museum, the Bahai Temple, the Moslem Mosque called Gadaffi, Kasubi Tombs, Namugongo shrine and etc. Taste Different types of food in Uganda and the fruits