Jinja is found in the East and among busy cities in Uganda. Many tourism activities take place in this area. The people living in the area of Jinja are mostly Basoga and they are good people and welcoming.

Jinja is not far from Kampala its approx. 3 to 4 hours drive there. Some clients first visit Jinja and then continue to other places but other opt to end with it.

Jinja has the Source of the Nile, Lake Victoria, Mabira Forest, the new Bridge, and so on. Among the activities done in Jinja include, Boat cruises, White water Rafting, Bangee Jumping, Zip linning, nature walks, bird watching, Biking, Horse riding and etc.

Most clients end with Jinja to relax from other activities from other Destinations. For instance from Mountain Elgon, Kidepo National park, Moroto, Bwindi national park and etc.

Accommodations in Jinja include, Mabira Forest lodge, Mansion, 2 Friends, etc. There are many rafting companies like Adrift, Nile River explore, Raft Uganda, and many more.  Falls in Jinja include, Kalagala falls, Bujagaali falls, and Isimba falls Owen falls. Most of them are now dams for producing electricity.

On self-drive in Jinja, you can visit factories like textiles, Nile breweries, Nile ply, Dams for electricity, the new Bridge on River Nile connecting Buganda to Busoga or Eastern region.

On the way to Jinja, clients on car hire can visit Sezibwa falls, Tea plantations, Sugar plantations, Sugar factories like Lugazi and Kakira.