Driving eastern side of Uganda

Uganda has many wonders to offer to travellers, the countries is rich in natural attractions like wildlife, mountains, forests, butterflies, birds, water bodies (lakes, Rivers, falls) and many more. When it comes to culture, every region has different unique cultures plus many different languages spoken by Ugandans. Uganda welcomes every type of visitors and the official language spoken is English. Driving Uganda is one the ways to explore this beautiful country. Some of the visitors decide to drive all regions; those are mostly on long rentals covering many days of adventure. Some are specific, to certain regions depending on the number of number days. Eastern side of Uganda is among the regions, visited by tourists. There are many wonders in Eastern side. Car rental visitors prefer visiting this region because of the reasons below.

Here are some of the attractions which are found in Eastern side of Uganda.


This is among the best place in Eastern side of Uganda. The distance is approx. half day drive from Kampala or Entebbe depending on the time of travel and the traffic. Jinja is known to be a place where water based activities can be carried out. It is suitable for Weekends holidays, short rentals, long rentals, public holidays and many more.

Some of the car hire visitors end their trip by visiting this place and relax from the long drives and strenuous activities like Gorilla Tracking and Hiking. The example activities which can be done in Jinja include, White water rafting, Bungee Jumping, Swimming, Boat cruises, visiting the source of the Nile, Horse Riding, visiting Bujagali falls, visiting kalagala falls and many more.

Mabira Forest:

This is also located in the Eastern side of the Uganda. It’s among the natural forests remaining in Uganda. Many activities take place in this forest. Selfdrive uganda clients can locate the place easily and it is located on the Highway, some of the activities which can be done here include Zip inning, Nature walks, birding and many others. The Environment is cool.

Sezibwa falls,

Sezibwa falls is among the wonders in Uganda. Traditionally the history attached to Sezibwa says it was formed by a woman who gave birth to Twin Rivers one called Sezibwa and another called Bwanda. Since this place has traditional attachment, it is used as one of the cultural sites for Buganda kingdom.

The waters of Sezibwa are brown; the place looks beautiful and cool. There are many rocks and green vegetation surrounding the place. This can be a stopover spot for car hire uganda clients visiting the Eastern side of Uganda.

Sipi falls


Sipi falls are located on Mount Elgon in Mbale Eastern side of Uganda. The falls has 3 phases and Nature walks are organized by local guides taking visitors through the phases of the falls. The falls are powerful and unique the rocks are magical. The trails passes through people gardens until the falls are found.

Mount Elgon

This is also found in Eastern Uganda. The mountain is shared between Kenya and Uganda. Hikes are conducted to the peaks of the mountain. The highest peak is called wagagi. Park guides are available to make the activity possible and they provide useful information about the mountain.

Other attractions in the Eastern side of Uganda include, Nyero paintings, witnessing the Mbalu cultural ritual of Bagishu, other cultural encounters and etc.

Accommodation facilities found in Eastern side of Uganda

Here below are the accommodation facilities which can be found in Eastern side. Mabira rain forest, Haven lodge, Jinja Nile Resort, Sipi River lodge, Wild waters lodge, the mansion Jinja, Mbale Resort