Driving in national parks of Uganda is possible except in Bwindi National park, Kibale national park, Mgahinga national park, Rwenzori National park and Mt Elgon national park. Rwenzori and Elgon are mountain parks where hiking and nature walks are conducted. Bwindi, Mgahinga and Kibale are for tracking, you enjoy the attractions on the walk.

When driving in national parks, you have to be slow the animals have the right of way when you find animals crossing you have to wait and switch off the engine for the car to cross. Keep track when in the park and avoid driving off the tracks and trails.

Car rental RwandaDo not shout for the animals and do not litter in the national parks. You are not allowed to walk in the parks as wild animals can attack you. You need to pay park entrance fees to do the game drive.

The cars in the national parks have to be in good driving conditions; do not track gorillas or other primates while you have cough and related diseases. And when you want to ease yourself when tracking gorillas, inform the park guides they tell will tell you what to do.

Avoid giving animals food; always follow the park guides and rangers guidelines to avoid getting problems in the park with the wildlife. When the animal charge at you, keep calm and do not shout.

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