Uganda has variety of attractions raging from green vegetation, mountains, rift valleys to wildlife including those that are rarely found elsewhere. There is flexibility on to how tourists can visit these attractions, there are mainly two ways, booking all-inclusive safaris and the other is renting a car and drive yourself or hire a driver for the tour.

4×4 rentals Uganda can offer both services and with renting a car option there are essentials we make sure they are considered to make the trip memorable for the visitors. We have a fleet of cars and most of our cars have pop up roof to make good view of attractions on the trip.

4×4 cars on our fleet fully equipped with pop up roof include, Toyota Land cruiser TX/TZ, Toyota Land cruiser V8, Toyota land cruiser GX, Toyota Land cruiser LX and etc. Pop up roof enables clear viewing in national parks or different destinations. This is where visitors start and take good photos, focus properly on the attraction.

How to engage the pop-up roof

We normally deliver cars to our customers at the airport, hotel or any other place suggested by the visitor. When our driver deliver the car, he will give an explanation of how to engage the pop up for self-drive clients and when the client go with our driver, he will make sure every thing is okay on the trip.

Where to use the pop-up roof

Pop up roof is used mostly in wildlife national parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls national park, semliki national park, lake Mburo national park and etc. National parks where game drives are not done like Bwindi National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Kibale National Park, Mt Rwenzori national park, Mt Elgon National Park and many more, for the such places, pop up roof will not have any use because the activities in such parks are done on foot.

Parks where activities are done on foot, cars are parked on the park headquarters or hotels or any other safe place until the activity is done to transfer to another place.

Another place where pop roof is not supposed to be used is on the highway roads or public roads. Drive carefully on highways and public roads without engaging the pop-up roof until you are at your destination.

Cars with no pop-up roofs can also be used in national parks

Yes, cars with no rooftop tents can also be used for self-drive clients. At 4x4rentals Uganda we also have 4×4 cars with no pop-up roof which can also be used by self-drive clients. 4×4 small SUV like Rav4 can also be used in national parks or other destinations.