Kampala is Uganda’s travel hub, with thousands of travellers flocking to its center every year to take advantage of the multitude of activities available.

From class beaches, restaurants, Uganda has it all. Hiring a car in Kampala is relatively cheap and easy as well, and it’s the best way to explore the city. You will taste African food, vegetables, fruits etc.

Kampala has attractions Gaddafi Mosque, Uganda museum, Zoo, water sports activities, Kasubi Tombs, Buganda palace, Uganda martyrs and many more

Western Uganda.

4x4rentals Uganda is by far the best way to explore the wealth of sights and attractions that western side of Uganda has to offer.

Western Uganda is endowed with many attractions like National parks with primates and wildlife, Mountains of the moon, hot springs, cruises on different water bodies, bird watching, and nature walks etc.

The place is easier to connect from Entebbe airport no need to first come at the city center.

Eastern Uganda.

On self-drive, you can visit Eastern side of Uganda. You may encounter attractions like, mountains, falls, source of the Nile, the Nile its self, forest like Mabira,water activities like white water rafting, cruising, bungee Jumping, and not forgetting the Nyero Rock Paintings

Northern Uganda

This is full of unique culture like the Iki group of people who live far in the Mountain but still so primitive,  The Nothern part also has Kidepo Valley National park with many different types of animals like the antelopes, buffaloes, Zebra, Bush pigs, elephants, Giraffes, lions, Hynas Jackal etc


Renting a car in Uganda, will also give you the freedom to travel at your own pace. It is quite easy to get around when renting a car in Uganda and is the most recommended way of getting around.

What to pack for Uganda

Sometimes it depends on the kind of safari you are going to take. For instance going for mountaineering you have to pack strong hiking shoes, technical equipment depending on what kind of mountain you are going to hike.

Uganda summers are quite warm, so be sure to pack in light clothing with lots of sunscreen. However, be sure to pack in a raincoat for the occasional shower. For winter, pack in warm clothing as the air becomes quite chilly. Renting a car that is capable of all-weather patterns is always recommended.