Tsavo National Park

Tsavo National Park is situated in south western part of Kenya. Tsavo is divided into 2 having Tsavo East National Park & Tsavo West National Park. There is quite a number of Lions that were sometime termed as the “Man-Eaters” and other animal species like the large herds of elephants among others. The park measures 13,747 square kilometers.

It’s one of the oldest National Parks in Kenya which is located in the southeastern part of the country and it is made up of Tsavo west national park and Tsavo east national park which are separated by a railway line. Tsavo National Park is dominated by man eaters  “Lions”.  Tsavo National Park consist of a rugged landscape which is also made up of mountains as well as wooded grasslands in Tsavo west national park.

In contrast, Tsavo east national park is characterized by semiarid grasslands and savannah where wildlife species can be seen. The Indian collies found hard time while constructing the railway passing through the Tsavo National Park. The lions are the major tourist attraction in Tsavo National Park.

Like other game reserves in Kenya, Tsavo National Park is managed by the Kenya wildlife Services which facilitates tourist activities in Tsavo national park such as constructing roads leading to the national park, bridges among other facilities as well as promoting conservation at the destination. Kenya wildlife services also ensures that conservation rules and regulations are well followed.

There are different entry points into Tsavo National Park include Maktau gate, Mbuyuni gate, Jipe gate, Ziwani gate, Chyulu gate and Kasigau gate. The national park can also be accessed from Mtito Andei route from Nairobi which is a main entry gate as well as the Chyulu gate.   Tourists visiting Tsavo east national park can access the destination through Manyani gate, Voi gate, Buchuma gate as well as Sala gate.

Major Tourists attractions in Tsavo national Park 

There are many tourists’ attraction however, lions dominate all. Other wildlife includes Rhinos, hippos, elephants, buffalos, leopards, lions, hartebeests, impalas, elands, fringe eyed oryx, giraffes, kudu among others.

Mzima springs is famous for keeping Hippos, crocodiles among others. Mzima springs originates from Chyulu hills. The springs are a source of water for the wildlife species which graze around the savannah plains. The trees which surround the springs are home to vervet monkeys which feed on the fruits from the date trees, raffia palms, waterberrys and figs.

Ngulia Rhino sanctuary in Tsavo west national park is Ngulia rhino sanctuary which is located at the base of Ngulia hill. The home of Rhinos is not easily accessed aiming at protecting the endangered rhinos, the sanctuary is well fenced and guarded by rangers and staff boosts the rhino populations as well as other wildlife species such as elephants which can be seen in the national park.

Shetani lava flow is another tourist attraction in Tsavo National Park.