Not every car can fit a rooftop tent; some small 4×4 cars like Rav4 cannot carry a rooftop tent. There is an option of renting a car with Ground tent and other camping gear. Ground tent (pitching tent) can be put on ground on a camping site with security and other facilities like toilets and wash rooms.

This method is cheaper, because Rav4 or any other small 4×4 are affordable even on tight budget. More so the costs of accommodation are also excluded. We have pitching tents which can fit 1, 2 and up to 3 people. In case the group is more, we provide more tents to fit the number of people.

You can also hire land cruiser or safari jeeps and then go with the ground tents. It doesn’t go with small cars only. Clients can purchase food in supermarkets or different markets or shops and stock food for themselves enough for the safari.

There are so many campsites and ground in national parks and other destinations, no need to worry about where to pitch a tent. There is only a small fee charge for the camping ground per day.