Camping safaris in Uganda is not a new package, currently it is improved and superlative. Uganda has more what to offer when it comes to Tourism, attractions in Uganda ranges from different cultural encounters, mountains, forests, national parks with diversity of species, hot springs, rivers, lakes and etc. Among the attractions, there are those that attract more visitors to the country, some of them include, the primates, Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, wildlife, in different national parks and reserves, water bodies like river Nile where water spot activities are done like rafting, Bungee Jumping and etc.

In Uganda, there are options to explore the country, some clients decide to do all inclusive safari where the itinerary, accommodation, activities, transportation and etc. are put in one package and paid all together by a visitor. But there is also another popular option of renting a car and Camping gear which makes a visitor come closer to the nature by Camping. Camping safaris can be for self-drive or renting a car with a driver. This includes, camping gear like tents (either rooftop/ ground tent), cooking utensils, mattresses, sleeping bags, gas, chairs, Table etc.

Camping safaris in Uganda is among the best way to explore destinations, by buying local food from highway markets and super markets will make you feel at home and you will be helping the local communities around the areas directly. Camping safaris can be private by self-driving with your partner, family, friends and etc.  Imagine pitching your tent or sleeping on top of your car seeing nature or surrounded with nature. The experience is a life time.

There are camping sites on different accommodation facilities in the destinations, the camping sites are safe and visitors will have access to the wash rooms and toilets and etc.  When it comes to game drives, incase visitors prefer explanation of different attractions and animals in the parks, there are park rangers for hire at the park headquarters. They will give you conclusive information about the park, animals, and etc and also showing different trails to take to see specific animals.

Camping safaris in Uganda saves visitors from spending more cash on accommodation facilities, making any change on the itinerary like destination or activities, is easier than on the all-inclusive safari. The freedom to drive anywhere and spending more time from a place than expected makes camping safaris more enjoyable.

Destinations like Bwindi, Murchison, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Kidepo, semliki, kibale, Mountain Rwenzori, mountain Elgon and etc. can be visited on a camping safari.

Camping safaris can be done all year around, though more visitors come to Uganda in dry season months like June, July, August, September, and etc. But even other months, camping safaris are possible.

Booking camping safaris is easy there are so many car rental companies offering good cars for hire and driver guides. It’s good to book with a reliable company offering quality services. Booking activities can be done direct to Uganda wildlife Authority or your car rental company can book for you permits like for gorillas and chimpanzees.